What To Consider When Opening Up A Satellite Office


So your current office is working well, and you decide it is time to open up another in another city to service clients within that territory, but what things do you need to consider? As work environments are constantly changing, the chances are you won’t be setting up the satellite office to completely mimic headquarters, but you will obviously plan for it to work as effectively and efficiently. A call centre, for example, would require a static-work style setup where employees would only be sat at their workstation. On the other hand, a sales office may have employees out of office much of the time, and this in turn could reduce the space requirements on the whole. Here are a few things to consider before opening up such an office.

Space requirements

As mentioned in the introduction, the purpose of the office will usually dictate the amount of space you will require. If you have a small team that only work the standard 9-5 work week, how much space will you really need? Will customers and clients be in the office regularly? If so, you will need to allocate space for meetings and areas to entertain them.

Offices where employees will be sat at their desks all day on the computer and answering phones requires more of a cubicle style setup, which is easy to plan and implement. However, for those who may not require their own permanent desk, an open workspace with a variety of areas may be needed, but can be harder to plan if the workflow isn’t as predictable. Consider having “hotdesks” where employees just sit down at whatever empty workstation is available, as this encourages communication between employees.

Technological infrastructure

Will you be requiring the fastest and most reliable internet possible? You may need to consider office spaces in business parks or in and around the city centres to be certain of connections that meet these requirements. Having the infrastructure already in place will save you time and money in the long run, although it may mean a more expensive lease, but compare how expensive it would be to have these installed yourself.

If you plan on having meeting rooms, install a conference room scheduling display outside to show what meetings are ongoing and the schedule. This system can also be accessed online from a mobile phone, allowing rooms to be booked, and removing the need for a human to organize the whole process. Having such technology embedded into the office space is only necessary if your business needs it, so careful planning and consideration is a must.

The location and workforce

Of course how could we forget those who’ll be working there! What use is it searching for an office in a rural location where there isn’t a good talent pool to choose from? This will seriously affect your recruitment process and therefore the standard of work you will produce. What lengths will you need to go to to attract the employees you require.

Going hand in hand with technological infrastructure, the location can often dictate what infrastructure is available, so the importance of opening a satellite office in an ideal location is key. Without a good location you may not be able to attract good employees nor will the infrastructure be up to standard.