Holiday Hacks for this Christmas

The holidays are filled with joy, laughter, food, friends and family. It is also one of the most stressful times of the year. No matter how wonderful the season may seem there is no denying that stress is also a fundamental part of the holiday season. From planning to shopping, all that work can take a toll on you. So, this year, we rounded up a few tips to ease your load this holiday season and help you manage that long to-do list.

1) Prep early

Whether it’s for a religious celebration or New Year’s Eve, the most important thing to do is prepare early. Start by at least listing down all your needs. Group them together by category such as to-do lists, groceries, alcohol needs, gift wrapping items, etc. Once you have your lists of tasks to do and items to purchase, see which ones can be accomplished or put together to make your holiday prep work more efficient. If you can, start doing this at least two weeks before but ideally, a month of prep time would be best. The sooner the better!

2) Shop online

For those who need to get holiday shopping done, a great option is to order your items online. Skip the lines and the wasted time in traffic or looking for parking and order what you need to online instead. You can order toys online, your celebratory outfit, and even groceries. Why go through the hassle of shopping in person when almost everything you need is at your fingertips? In some cases, you can even schedule the deliveries for when you need it so your home isn’t full of packages.

3) Order in

Yes, it’s the holidays but that doesn’t mean you need to slave over the stove. There is nothing wrong with relieving a little stress by ordering some food items. What’s better is you can get something for each guest or order from your family’s favourite restaurant. Charcuterie boards are also a really nice way of presenting the appetisers. You can order this ahead of time and have it delivered on the day of the celebration. Don’t waste precious time in the kitchen, spend it with family instead.

4) Budget Plan

One of the most stressful things during the holidays is spending unnecessarily. Create a budget and stick to it. There is no reason why you should lose a fortune to please your friends and family during the holidays. Make sure you identify where the bulk of your spending will go and keep a small emergency fund in the budget just in case you may need to buy that extra bottle of wine or run out and get one more gift. At the end of the day, the most important thing is not how much you spend but who you spend your time with.

5) Remember to enjoy

Remember to enjoy the moment! The holidays are a time to celebrate with your loved ones. Don’t waste it being upset or stressed out. Smile and remain positive.