Choosing a New Office – 5 Things to Consider


As your business grows, expect that you may outgrow your office space as well. You may consider extending your office space where possible: leasing a completely new and bigger space or even encouraging employees to work remotely. Whichever you choose, there are many things to consider. But the priority should always be what is best for the business.

If you come to the conclusion that you need a completely new office space, here are 7 things you will need to consider before choosing a place. Bear in mind that you may need to make some sacrifices or compromises as it would be very difficult to get exactly what you want in most instances.


As with anything that requires you to be physically present, the location is extremely important. What use is a fancy, high-tech office if it is a nightmare for your employees and clients to get to? Spaces in the centre of cities may have good public transport links, but may also have limited or expensive parking. Ensure a proper consultation with those who will be directly affected before making a decision.


Does the office have a fast, stable internet connection? Is there a dedicated postal address for the building? Do the meeting rooms have a conference room display to show room details? If the space does not come with such, would you be able to install them yourself? These questions should be asked and used in negotiations in order to get you the best deal possible.


This may come at the top of most businesses’ criteria when choosing a space. However, it should not always be the defining factor. Unless you strike lucky, chances are a lower price will come at a cost, such as an office in a less than ideal location or in substandard condition.

Watch out for hidden costs that you may not initially account for (such as maintenance), and compare the prices of similar spaces in the area. If you spend too little at the start, you may end up spending more on repairs and improvements further down the line, and this could result in you struggling to pay the rent.

Size of the office

How much space do you need now and in the future? Save yourself the hassle of moving in the future if you are projected to grow even more by investing in a space you can grow into. If you find yourself with excess space, consider renting this out to help subsidise your costs.

Ensure that there is adequate space per employee; this can vary depending on their needs. A standard employee who just needs a desk and a computer will not need as much space as engineers or architects require.

Are there meeting rooms?

Having a completely open office can end up being a distraction, with employees needing privacy being forced to look outside the office. This is far from ideal, so consider whether you will need dedicated meeting rooms. Not only does this allow people an alternative environment to work in, but it will also look better for visiting clients.

These are 5 important considerations to be made before choosing your new office. It should be an upgrade of what you currently have, but most importantly, it should be what your business needs.