Beauty Kit Must-Haves

Have you ever gone out for groceries looking like you just rolled out of bed only to catch a cutie walking in at the same time? Did you with you get to swipe even a little mascara on? Every girl knows what it’s like to not have your beauty bag with you when you need it the most, that’s why we’ve compiled this minimalist list of beauty items that you can keep with you while on the go! We’ve broken down our list to the bare minimum needed for you to get through your day like a true beauty guru:

1) Moisturizer

To get that beautiful dewy glow make sure you use a moisturizer while on the go! As the base of your beauty regime, it’s a must to have a moisturizer in your beauty bag. Not only will it keep your face moisturized, but you can use it on your hands and elbows as well! Keep dry skin at bay with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or the COSRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion. Both come in travel size versions.

2) Foundation or Face Powder 

Whether you prefer foundation or face powder, you should always carry a mini-sized version of your preferred beauty product. Use your foundation or face powder for quick touch-ups and to blur out any blemishes that pop up during the day. 

3) Eyeshadow Pallet

If you have room to spare, an eyeshadow pallet is key to transforming your day look to a night one should the need arise. Having a versatile pallet in neutral colours will work during any time of the day and no matter what your outfit is. One of our favourites is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette. The best part about it is that it also comes in a mini version!

4) Mascara/ brow brush

To make your eyes pop make sure you have mascara on hand. If you need to keep a more minimalist kit, we suggest using a brow tint like Glossier’s Boy Brow. Use it to groom your eyebrows and as a makeshift mascara.

5) Blush/Lipstick/Stain

Were all about saving money so if you can snag yourself a multitasking colour stick or stain add it to the bag! You can use it as a blush, lip tint, and in some cases even as an eyeshadow. Try out BLK’s colour sticks, they come in a variety of skin tone friendly colours.

6) Fragrance

Complete your beauty bag with your favourite signature fragrance. Keep a travel-sized bottle or a sample size of your fragrance. It’s especially useful after being out all day and you need a quick freshening up. Our current favourite is Molecule Perfume! It’s the perfect casual scent. 

7) Pouch or Small bag

What’s a grab bag without an actual bag? To complete your bare essentials beauty bag make sure to pick out a good-sized bag or pouch that fits all of your items. We suggest going with a bag that is stain and spill-resistant. You can try one made out of PVC for an easy to clean option