Are Back Posture Corrector Effective?

Back posture corrector is a simple and a natural way to correct posture and realign your body to relief neck, shoulder and back pains without going through surgery. Backache or back pain is divided based on segment affected. There is neck pain, middle and lower back pain. Often, lumbar is the most affected segment. Depending on how long it has affected you, backache may be mild, acute or chronic.

Backache can be caused by various reasons like; accidents, fractures, lifting heavy objects, posture habits, occupational related, strains or a sudden awakward movement that strain your back muscles among others.

Types of Back Posture corrector

There are several types of back posture corrector. Each may be best for a certain backache and not very effective to another. In fact using one for the wrong pain may complicate it eventually. It is good to note that.

Cross-Back Elastic Brace

This is a very basic and comfortable brace that will support your back, chest and clavicle to correct your posture. It is effective if you push your chest out. It is also simple to use for any person. 

Molded Upper Back Brace

 This is the preferred back brace for a more serious bad posture cases than that of a cross-back elastic brace. It is a bit uncomfortable to wear because it has a plastic piece at the back. It is stiff  hence uncomfortable and visible through the clothes.

Longline Back Brace

This is suitable for extreme cases of bad posture and pains on the lower back. To cover that, it is adjustable and will cover the entire back. Like molded upper back brace, it is visible and preferred to be worn indoor.

Upright Posture Trainer

 This is different from others since it is a device one wears and connects to the upper back. Every time you take a bad posture, it will vibrate to alert you to straighten up. It works as a reminder and not a corrective device. It may include an app that you monitor your stats and progress.

Bra Posture Corrector

 This is a very convenient corrector for women. You don’t need to wear an exra bra. It has a built in criss cross panel and strips and you get comfortable to wear it all day with time.


Back posture correcter should be prescribed by a doctor. The physician will tell you the best device for your case. Do not depend on it for complete correction. It is more helpful if combined with physical posture strengthening exercises like yoga. The exercises should be done in routine and will help streghthen your body while the back posture correcter will help you achieve the right body posture. Over time, you will not need the correcter and holding yourself in the right posture will become unconscious habit.